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Finding Customers Without Annoying SPAM - Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I originally came across this while surfing Orkut, and immediately thought of this solution.

Finding clients can be difficult for businesses, which is one of the reasons why cold calling is so popular in the corporate sector. Unfortunately, cold calling is extremely annoying and is (in my opinion) the worst way to reach your market.

A Google way of finding future clients is by contacting them on networking sites, such as Orkut. Orkut is a forum where people interact for various reasons, including business.

(Note: You'll need an invite to get inside, so click here and I'll send you one free of charge.)

In the case of the above situation, Steve posted this question inside one of Orkut's forums.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how I might go about finding more customers for my product. My market could be worldwide, but is primarily in USA.

My target is (a) retail to people who want to give up smoking or chewing tobacco, and (b) any store or group that might market the product.

In the above example, Steve can find potential clients by using Orkut's Profile Search...

...then refining his search down to the appropriate market (as he wants people trying to quit, not enjoying cigarettes).

You will then pull up hundreds of people that fit your niche. Although could contact all of them via Scraping and email, it is better to select the more active members of Orkut, generally those who have over ten scraps and a decent photo.

Also pointing future clients to a decent commercial may be helpful as well.

If anyone has anymore questions on how to use Orkut for their business, comment here or visit Inside Orkut for more details.
Darnell Clayton - 12:05 PM - Email Post - -
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