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What Is Googlization? - Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What is Googlization?

Is it actually a word? Well, no, but it may be one in the future. Googlization is a combination of two words--Google and Realization. According to Google Dictionary the word realization means:

"coming to understand something clearly and distinctly;" (Source*)

"A realization is the relationship between an element that specifies behavior and one that provides an implementation." (Source*)

"The becoming of the object or quality within and as part of oneself. [...] By being something and functioning as it, one realizes - fulfills what it is." (Source*)

In a nut shell, Googlization is merely realizing Google's products and features to their utmost potential. Basically using Google to

  • Improve your marketing
  • Reach your clientele, and ultimately
  • Increase your revenue

I believe that many of Google's services provide these features already--and I am talking beyond the "Ad Sense, Ad Words" campaigns.

Since I am currently self-employed, this will provide an opportunity to not only explore how Google's products can benefit my business as well, but hopefully any other business system on planet Earth--as long as they are legal, that is.
Darnell Clayton - 1:48 AM - Email Post - -

Test Post... - Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Testing out this post...will edit later on. Peace!
Darnell Clayton - 12:16 AM - Email Post - -

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